When people speak about Munich, the first thing we reflect are Beer Gardens, Octoberfest Beer Festival, Paulaner Beer, castle brevery with own fresh beer! Beer beer beer… You can even drink beer from the the whater-tap…

We had no time to get drunk on our wedding travel. So we have visited the BMW and Rolls-Royce Museum:


Paris is the city of romance? Just soso, but it’s definitely a beautiful city with a lot of places worth to visit!

Paris City and the Eiffel Tower:

The Palace of Versailles (凡尔赛宫), but people mountain, people sea (人山人海)

The Louvre Museum (卢浮宫), also here people mountain, people sea, especially at Mona Lisa (蒙娜丽莎), Venus de Milo (米洛的维纳斯) and Winged Victory of Samothrace (薩莫特拉斯的勝利女神).